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  • Biz Opportunity you can't miss!


 a BIZ Opportunity You cannot Miss!

Wether you are a well established small, mefium or large organization or just a start up, this is a great opportunity!

Taking exclusive rights to purchase, sell and promote Airblock Wireless Security Alarms in your country its a huge step forward to your business success. Large sales and large profit margins can make your company a top leader as a security alarm importer, wholesaler, distributor, or retailert in your country or region.


  • Huge Business Opportunity that can increase sales and profit.
  • Products with Features Everyone Needs.
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Promotional Prpduct Material Support
  • Exclsuive or Non-Exlusive Distributor Contract for a Country or Region
  • Outstanding Export & Shipping Services, Door-to-Door, Air freight, Sea ffreight.
  • Low Prices based on Quantities assure Large Profit Margins
  • New Unique Products and New Features Every Year, always ahead in techology,
  • First Option to Sell New Models.
  • Technical Support & Training.
  • Products that not require installations or complicated technical support
  • Products that everyone needs them and are Easy to Sell,  Easy to Use.
  • Customisation of  the Prodcucts, just to meet your local market technical or sales demand!