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About Us

Technologies has been focusing on the research and development technology in security and safety profucts.The manager of the company has over 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing of security alarms like no other, embedding the most advance technologies providing reliable, low cost, unique and effective products. We are committed to be one step ahead in technologies from anyone else in the field. We give a great attention to quality, thus we manufacture all products under a strict production line with the ISO9001 Quality system at a manufacturing plant in China. We also use qualified and advanced testing equipment and tools to ensure product quality specifications are met.

We constantly focus on product quality, performance and price in the most professional way. When buying from us as a distributor, you are buying directly from the source. Since we are the manufacturers as well as the global distribution center, you are buying directly with no middle agents. You will purchase from us at rock bottom prices that will allow extra large profit margins that you could never have dream about. On the top of that, imagine you can promote and sell Airlock alarms on an exclusive base within your own country. Take a few minutes to imagine what that will mean for your business and company.

Throughout a well established secure shipping network we export our products worldwide.  We ship by air freight, sea freight, or door-to-door globally using the most cost effective and reliable shipping companies. Insurance of the cargos are made in advance to all shipments with no exceptions. We ship the goods from Shenzhen, Honk Kong or UK. Technologies is a truly global company looking forward to entering the local markets of each and every country in the five continents. We are seeking well established or start-up companies to cooperate with us.

We are flexible for customization to meet exclusive distributor’s requirements. Wether is a linguistic or special feature requirement or re-branding, we can discuss to provide the most effective solutions Despite the high level of complexity, the huge number of parts required, and the extreme level of associated specialization involved to build each one of our products, we are able to manufacture over one hundred thousand product units per year.

Technologies  is a company registered in England and Wales. Technologies is a UK highly experienced and trusted supplier of state-of-art security alarm systems and other electronics. Moreover, all our products can be covered by a warranty as per customer requirements. Our business activities are strictly limited to B2B. Therefoe, we are looking forward to work with any size companies wether small, medium or large to establish a strong sales global network.

We are currently select and appoint exclusive or non-exclusive distributors worldwide. You are welcome to be a part of the Airblock Alarm business family by taking  over sales in your local market as the Distributor.