• Unique and Affordable Security System

    Airblock security alarm system is unique and affordable to everyone!

    A product is a product, right? If your answer is yes, then you’ll never increase your sales. This can only be achieved if you have in your hands a unique product that is unlike any other; its available at the right price; it has the desirable features; it improves user convenient and life; it’s easy to use by all family members; it does not require constantly expenses for maintenance; its effective and reliable; it has an attractive design; its designed to last long time, competition is minimal and more.... This is what Airblock Alarm is all about! Start selling Airblock in your local market to boost your sales and profit!




    Airblock, a unique and affordable security system

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    What are the airblock apps  all about?

    They are designed to provide Airblock alarm owners with an immediate handheld solution of bidirectional communication between their mobile and alarm devices. They enhance Airblock user experience. They are convenient and save time and effort. They will also be in any language according to the distributor preference.

    • OFFLINE apps, safe internet dependless
    • Tasks executed by a click of an icon
    • Practical, effective & easy to learn and use
    • Multiple alarms with one App 
    • Add, remove devices or numbers in seconds
    • Disable/Enable SMS,  buzzer alert and more
    • Admin & limited children accounts

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  • A Single Airblock Alarm covers areas up to 700m2!

    A single alarm covers  up to  700 M2;  all doors & windows! 

    The most advance and unique security alarm in the world could be your dream product. It comes with amazing features that your clients would love and appriciate.

    It  meets almost every security need!  A single alarm unit covers closed spaces as large as 700 m² / 7500 ft²! Easy to Use, Easy to Sell! Act Now to become a distributor!

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  • Distributors Wanted - All Countries

    be sole distributor in your country !

    Great Opportunity to increase your sales and profits. Are you selling anything that no other does as well? Have an outstanding product for sale in your local market, exclusively yours! No technical skills or installation is required.  

    Great product for wholesale, retail, secuirty service montly subscription,  sales by mail, telemarkeitng, tele calls, door-to-door, bulk sale to associations and groups, and more.

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  • Airblock Alarm AB 3-2


    A great product should sell itself and that’s what Airblock alarms do. Airlock’s state-of-art technology, choice of 4 operating modes, extraordinary features, and uniqueness makes it the perfect product that everyone wants to sell. AB 3-2 is one of the two latest Airblock alarm models that can provide effective home security solution, its the best seller and the most desirable by distributors.

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     a BIZ Opportunity You cannot Miss!

    Wether you are a well established small, mefium or large organization or just a start up, this is a great opportunity!

    Taking exclusive rights to purchase, sell and promote Airblock Wireless Security Alarms in your country its a huge step forward to your business success. Large sales and large profit margins can make your company a top leader as a security alarm importer, wholesaler, distributor, or retailert in your country or region.

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What Airblock can do?

Airblock Alarm   features could exceed your highest expectations!

Airblock is a completely Wireless Security Alarm with  GSM, GPRS which users can handle by an ordinary Mobile Phone or ANDROID or IOS OFFLINE  Applications.

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Airblock Alarm Features per Model

Airblock Alarm Features per Model

Amazing Features that meet every security need!

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Why Us


Technologies Teading Worldwide Ltd has been focusing on the research and development technology in security and safety profucts. The manager of the company has over 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing of security alarms like no other, embedding the most advance technologies providing reliable, low cost, unique and effective products. We are commited to be one step ahead in technologies from anyone else in the filed.


We manufacture all our products under a strict production line with the ISO9001 Quality system. We also use qualified and advanced testing equipment and tools to ensure product quality.


You are buying directly from the manufacturer! Since we are the manufacturers as well as the global distribution center, you are buying directrly fron the origina source with no middle agents. You will purchase from us at rock bottom prices that will allow huge profit margins that you could never dream about.


You already know you are buying directly from the manufacturer at rock bottom prices. On the top of that, imagine you can promote and sell Airblock alarms within your country on an exlusive base! You will be the only company selling the product in your country which means large sales and profits. It also means that it will only be up to you to succeed, and we are here to assist to that direction.


We have already establsihed a solid global shipping network. We ship by air freigth, sea freight, or door-to-door worldwide using the most cost effective and reliable shipping companies. Insurance of the cargos are made in advance to all shipments with no exceptions. We ship from Shenzhen, Honk Kong or UK.


We offer customization to exclsuive distributors placing large orders. Wether is a languistic or special feature requirement or branding, we will discuss to provide products according to your needs.


Despite the high level of complexity, the huge number of parts required, and the extreme specialization associated and involved to build each one of our products, we are able to manufacture over 100 thousand product units per year.


Technologies is a company registered in England and Wales. Its a highly experienced and trusted manufacturer and supplier of state-of-art security alarm systems and other electronics. We take advantage of our vast Knowledge and experience in designing, manufacturing, global distribution and exports to deliver an enhanced client experience.

What We offer

  • Airblock Burglar Alarms
  • Airblock Smoke Aalrms
  • DVR, NVR & Camcorders
  • Security Locks
  • Other security products
  • Other electronics
  • Product design &  manufacturing
  • Worldwide exports

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