A Single Airblock Alarm covers areas up to 700m2!

    A single alarm covers  up to  700 M2;  all doors & windows! 

    The most advance and unique security alarm in the world could be your dream product. It comes with amazing features that your clients would love and appriciate.

    It  meets almost every security need!  A single alarm unit covers closed spaces as large as 700 m² / 7500 ft²! Easy to Use, Easy to Sell! Act Now to become a distributor!

    The latest AirBlock systems provide some unbelievable features that exceed your higher expectations. Latest Airblock devices also provide increased area coverage. Airblock now covers every door and window in areas as large as 700m2 (7500f2) while older models cover up to 370m2 (4000ft2). Almost a 100% increase in area coverage that makes the device suitable for very large buildings and closed areas as well as the smallest ones.

    Airvlock is a magic alarmAirblock its just a magic device,This is how some users have named the alarm due to its extraordinary features.

    t's perfect product for wholesale, retail, door-to-door, telemarketing, tele calls, and mail order sales. It sells by itself becuase itsmore than  a value for money product.


    Airblock apart is completely wireless, it can be located and moved anywhere throughout the protected area and its attractive design suits any decor. Your local clients would love to have one at their homes. The absence of complicated codes makes it convenient for both adults and children.

    Users can receive alerts in their mobiles, connect the alarm to a security center or guards or just add their neighbors and friends when their away as easy as to send an SMS to the device!

    Airblock unlike old fashion and traditional alarms requires no installation, unsightly wires or unreliable sensors and that makes it the perfect product for distance sales, telemarketing, tel call sales, mail orders, door-to-door sales, retails and wholesales. Additionally, one can do bulk sales to associations or several group of people by making a good proposal.