Distributors Wanted - All Countries

    be sole distributor in your country !

    Great Opportunity to increase your sales and profits. Are you selling anything that no other does as well? Have an outstanding product for sale in your local market, exclusively yours! No technical skills or installation is required.  

    Great product for wholesale, retail, secuirty service montly subscription,  sales by mail, telemarkeitng, tele calls, door-to-door, bulk sale to associations and groups, and more.


    Our strategic business planning is based on expansion of Airlock alarm sales in each and every country in the five continents. Our decision is to select and appoint a Sole Distributor in each country. Sole Distributors will promote and sell the product in their local markets according to their own plans and sales networks. Non exclusive Distributors is available in countries where there is no Exclusive Distributor. Non-Exclusive Distributors will directly purchase product from us at the lowest prices as well according to the agreement in place,

    Distributors Wanted

    Once a selected company or organization is granted a Sole Distributorship license, we will not sell the alarms to any other party within their territory. We will also forward to them all products related requests coming from local third parties.

    Our choice to work with Sole Distributors is a strategic choice of doing effective global business. Our choice to work with Sole Distributors is a strategic choice of doing business. Our aim is to establish a long lasting strong sales network which will be beneficial for everyone involved. .

    We welcome small, medium, large companies and start ups to contact us to discuss the potentiality, the needs and the future of Airblock sales in their country. We are also flexible to discuss the possibility to construct a business plan for their local market and lunch the product there as a joint venture or partnership.

    As a truly global business company, there is no location restriction for business expansion as long as it’s permitted by the English law. Contact us at any time if you have a question or need additional information. Airblock samples are available for evaluation and test. You can also send us your Distributor Application and we will contact you within 24 hours.